Captain Roy Conklin

Captin Roy

Living and enjoying the beauty and excitement of the water has been an integral part of my life. The earliest part of my life was spent growing up on the South shore waters of Long Island. Racing hydroplanes and winning a world championship provided a great water sport of a lifetime endeavor.

My life continued and reached a highlight when I became a Yacht captain. I traveled the waters for better then 10 years, going North to Maine, South to the Bahamas, and to the Southern Caribbean waters.

Recently I retired as a yacht captain and began piloting River Front Gondola’s electric powered boat. I now enjoy the beautiful and serene waters of the New River and its back waters. Observing the luxurious homes and yachts docked behind them. As many times as I have traveled these waters I still look forward to the next tour and meeting new people. I look forward to sharing these outstanding and memorable experiences with you.

Our company started operations in 2013. We had only one boat and two Captains, Captain Roy Conklin and his daughter Captain Lauralee Conklin. Since then Captain Lauralee has left for a new endeavor.

Since 2013 we have grown quite a lot. We now have three boats and eight USCG licensed captains.