Fort Lauderdale Boat Tour

Fort Lauderdale Boat TourA Fort Lauderdale boat tour is the perfect way to experience all the beauty of Florida. It is on these tours, you’ll have the chance to encounter the local wildlife like the sweet songbirds, turtles and even the alligators in their natural habitat. All at a safe distance, as you float down the New River.

While you’re onboard the boat, you’ll also have a chance to listen to the incredible history of the area. Your tour guide will guide you along the Venice like waterways and introduce you to the unique foliage of the area. They’ll give you an overview of key places in the area like the Radio Shack House, Stranahan House, and the Michael Egan compound. As you drift along, the waters, they will answer any questions you may have as you continue through the Intracoastal Waterway along Millionaires Row and the Port Everglades.

Between the sweet smell of the water and the breathtaking views, you’ll find it is easy to escape and relax in the scenery. There is something tranquil and peaceful about the journey that make it the ideal experience for those on vacation, as well as locals looking to escape for an hour or so. The gentle rocking of the boat and unforgettable views are the perfect combination.

As the sun begins to cast a magnificent sunset in the sky, you can enjoy a romantic meal with your beloved. This as you see more destinations like the 6 Million Dollar Man Home, La Mansion Blanche and the 17th Street Causeway. These points are some of the highlights of the Fort Lauderdale boat tour that will definitely capture your imagination and leave you in awe.

You can then wind down your boat tour in Fort Lauderdale with a glass of champagne, and a proposal if you desire. After all, these romantic escapes are the perfect choice for lovebirds in the area. Just remember if you have a specific date you’re shooting for, a Fort Lauderdale boat tour date can fill quickly. So it is a good idea for you to book your experience in advance. For your convenience, you can book your tickets online through our website.

Take a moment to schedule your boat tour in Fort Lauderdale today. With quality ships and tour guides with a great deal of knowledge of the area, you can count on having an unforgettable experience on the waters of the New River. No matter if it is just a once in a lifetime vacation experience, or a regular family outing, there is no doubt that you’ll get lost in the beauty of this magical section of Florida.


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