Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise

dinner cruiseThere’s something peaceful and romantic about a Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise. As you float down the Las Olas Nu River, with the sun setting in the Florida sky, you’ll have a chance to create a memory that you’ll never forget. This is the perfect time to escape the stress of the world with a loved one, or to make a proposal for the next stage of your life.
Your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise is more than just a tour on the water. This 2 hour adventure is a chance to experience the natural beauty of the river. While you sail down the waters, your captain will offer some insight into the area and gladly answer any questions you might have.

Each Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise takes place on a gondola. This vessel allows you to create an experience that will fit your needs. You can choose to take a group of up to six people out onto the Las Olas Nu River if you desire. If you want to create the ultimate romantic experience, you can even choose a private rental, take a loved one out on the water, and create an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

While you’re on your tour, you’ll also see some incredible sights. Your captain will point out some fascinating areas of note while you’re on the river. They will include the following:

• Homes and yachts on the river with incredible architecture.
• The snow reed swinging bridge that is one of the oldest bridges located in Florida.
• A houseboat designed from an actual airplane.
• A boat yard featuring high end luxury yachts and some of the famous faces that might be there.
• The Stranahan House, which is the oldest building in Fort Lauderdale. This structure was originally built as a trading post.

As part of the tour, you’ll definitely want to include a meal from the BAO restaurant. This meal is certain to be one of the highlights of your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise. Their menu is full of mouthwatering flavor and is certain to perfectly compliment your cruise. From the seared pork belly boa buns with apple kimchee, to the tender wagyu beef sliders, there is something on the menu that will hit the spot on your tour.

History is fascinating for some on the river. Your tour will touch on many of the historical aspects of this river. This includes the fact that the river is one that was occupied by the Glades culture people in prehistoric times. Later, there was a culturally rich Tequesta people who also settled in the area. It wasn’t until the Second Seminole War that the area would have Fort Lauderdale built by the army. Since that time, this river has become a site that people flock to from around the world.

If you want to experience a cruise unlike any other, it is important to book your tour early. It is recommended you book the dinner cruise at least a week in advance. The reason is the tour is one of the most popular types in Florida. If you’ll be having a meal from BAO, be sure you place your dinner order a day in advance. This ensures they have your meal ready to go, on the specified date and time.

Treat yourself and a loved one to a cruise you’ll never forget. Take a moment to book your own tour today and experience the natural beauty of Florida.

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