The Fort Lauderdale Nu River

fort lauderdale nu riverThere is something magical about the Fort Lauderdale Nu River. Stretching 30 miles across Broward County, this river has deep roots in the history of the area. In 1940, the Nu River Fort Lauderdale Seminoles claimed the river came from a night of strong winds and the ground shaking and this brought new water to the land where it was desperately in need. This was because of how it shook into place many years ago. Historians believe this was a result of an earthquake that caused a previously underground river to experience a roof collapse, exposing the once covered waters. This fateful earthquake also played an important part in the legend of the a-la-pa-taw or Alligator Man, who is an important piece of folklore in the area.

The name itself stems from several early settlers maps that called it simply new river. When settlers arrived in 1920, they opted to keep this name. Despite several variations of the name of the Nu River Fort Lauderdale, residents know it is an important part of the area’s history.

Today, the Fort Lauderdale Nu River is the perfect destination for those who want to experience the best the area has to offer. Here, you can dine at one of the incredible restaurants and explore the river on a riverfront gondola tour. These tours take you through all the breathtaking locations of the river and allow you to experience the best of all it offers. This includes some of the backwaters you wouldn’t have a chance to experience anywhere else.

On these gondola tours, you’ll have the chance to experience the majestic mansions that line the river, with their luxury yachts. As you float along the river, you’ll witness tropical birds and peacocks that add their color and brightness to the breathtaking local foliage. You’ll even have a chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat like the peaceful manatee. This is an experience you can’t have anywhere else in the world, only when you take a trip on the Nu River.

In fact when you are on the Nu River Fort Lauderdale gondolas will allow you more intimacy. These are similar to the ones you’d find in Italy with seating for up to six people on them. This allows you to keep the groups small and even book a trip for two for a special event. Your guide will then show you the Bahia Mar Marina, the old bridges of the area and other historic destinations.

If this magical experience sounds ideal to you, book your tour in advance. This ensures there is a boat ready for you to take you on your trip. That way, all you’ll have to worry about is boarding your gondola as the warm Florida sun settles and ignites the local waters with vibrant color. Preparing you for an experience you’ll never forget on the Fort Lauderdale Nu River.

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