FAQs and more

Our Fleet


  • Each boat takes a maximum of 6 passengers.  Yep! Infants are counted as passengers. Children too!
  • NOTE: The 6 passenger limit does not have to do with weight, age or size of the person. This limit is set by the US Coast Guard according to the class of vessels we operate. We do not take more than 6 per boat. It’s the law.


  • No Example: 6 adults and a baby? Sorry, we can’t take you.
  • No Example: 6 adults and 2 small children? Sorry, still no.
  • No Example: 7 adults that really really really want to be on the same boat? Nope. Can’t do it.
  • Yes Example: 5 adults and a baby? Now, you’re talking. Yes!

My group is MORE than 6 people. Can I hire more than one boat?

Yes! Please call the number below for assistance with these possibilities.

Booking, Availability & Wait List

  • All Bookings are made on this website and may need to be booked 30 to 90 minutes before departure time. This is to insure we have proper time to prepare for your tour. We do not take bookings over the phone. Only on-line.
  • The on-line Availability calendar is accurate and up to the minute. ALL availabilities are shown. If it’s not there, we don’t have it.
  • We do not keep a wait list for any days or dates. Cancellations do happen sometimes. New availabilties will show in real-time. Refresh our page for the latest.
  • Reservations Required for all Tours

Are DRINKS & FOOD provided? What is provided?

We supply bottled water only. Not Food or Drinks.

You are welcome to bring your own: Drinks, adult beverages and your own food. You may also pair your tour with a dinner from Casa Sensei restaurant.

Dinner Cruise option

We have complimentary cups, plates and tableware. There are cork screws, bottle openers and ice buckets (with ice) on board for you to use. Also, an iced cooler with limited space.

DECORATING for my occasion?

Please understand, our boats are on a schedule. There will be tours before yours and tours after yours. The amount of decorating we can allow for your special occasion is very limited.
  • Balloons can be brought on board for photos only. They will be left on shore before the tour begins.
  • Hanging banners, streamers and the like are not permitted as they will obstruct the captain’s vision and are a safety hazard.
  • Table Clothes are welcomed.
  • Any place settings or table decorations which do not obstruct the captains vision are welcomed.
  • No Candles. Anything with a flame is not permitted. We have electric candles on board.
  • Confetti and Rose petals are not permitted.

What is the DIFFERENCE between Exclusive Tour & Exclusive Late Tour?

There is no difference except the time of departure. After 8pm the price goes up slightly to compensate our captains for working into the night.

Can I stay out LONGER than 90 minutes?

  • UNPLANNED: You are on your tour, having a wonderful time and don’t want it to end. Can you extend? Possibly but unlikely. Your captain can check if scheduling will allow you to extend. The 2nd part would be for 90 minutes as well and the price would be 6% less than a normal 90 minute tour.
  • PLANNED: If you’d like to book 2 tours back to back without returning to the dock, please call the number below for assistance in scheduling it. 3 hour tours are only possible if arranged with the office.

NOTE: You may also shorten your tour if you do not want to stay out the entire time you booked for. However, your tour will not be prorated. No discounts or refunds will be given for shortened tours.

What if I'm LATE for my tour time?

We will need to shorten the tour so it ends at its scheduled time.  
Tour length will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals.
You must arrive within 90 minutes of your start time.

EXAMPLES of how late arrivals will shorten tours:

  • Example: You arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled start time. Your tour will be only 75 minutes.
  • Example: You arrive 30 minutes after your scheduled start time. Your tour will be only 60 minutes.
  • Example: You arrive 60 minutes after your scheduled start time. Your tour will be only 30 minutes.
  • Example: You arrive 80 minutes after your scheduled start time. Your tour will be only 10 minutes.

  • OH NO! Example: You arrive 90 minutes or more after your scheduled start time. Sorry, You missed your tour.
    “Ok. But I can reschedule?” No. You missed your tour. See Rebooking/Rescheduling section below.
    “Ok. But I can get a refund?” Wha? No. You missed your tour. See Cancellations section below.

What if it RAINs?

We are covered, so you are covered. Also, the side panels are fold down windows which can be lowered and raised in seconds.

All tours go out RAIN or SHINE. There are NO reschedules for rain.

DOs and DONTs (mostly DONTs)

  • No Smoking on vessels. 
  • No Vaping on vessels.
  • No Flames of any kind on vessels.
  • No Pets on vessels.
  • No Emotional Support Animals on vessels.
  • Stemmed glasses are not permitted on vessels. (Please trust us on this one.)
  • Balloons and decorations which obstruct vision are not permitted on vessels.
  • No Restroom on the boats. We highly recommend using the restroom before your tour.
  • We are not wheel chair accessible: There is a 7-step gangway leading to our floating dock.


  • Full Refund: Cancelling more than 48 hrs before departure time.
  • Partial Refund: 15% of reservation will be charged. Cancelling more than 3 hrs before departure time (within 48 hr window.)
  • No Refund:
    • Cancelling less than 3 hrs before departure
    • Arriving 90 minutes or later after scheduled departure time.
    • No Shows


  • Rescheduling LESS than 3 hours before your departure time is not allowed. The time window is too small to fill the spot you will leave empty.
  • Rescheduling LESS than 48 hours  but MORE than 3 hours before your departure time will be charged a 15% rescheduling fee.
  • Rescheduling MORE than 48 hours before your departure time is free of charge.
  • Rescheduling can be done up to 3 hours before your departure time.

Example: If your departure time is 7pm, you can reschedule your tour up until 4pm.


We have created a separate page for question which are . . . less frequently asked but may deserve an answer. Maybe your unanswered question is resolved there.


GRATUITY is not included in the price of any tour, but is appreciated when recognizing a job well done.

Industry standard is 20%.


Yes! We know.

Our number is buried at the very bottom of this page, after all that helpful information. It’s not by accident. Above, we’ve done a bang up job of answering the questions people ask most often. Please take a look before calling.

However, if you’ve sifted through all that great information and still have a question which we haven’t covered,
give us a call:  (954) 616 -7699

  • You can also reply to your confirmation email to contact us.
  • Texting is not monitored and will not receive a response beyond what our automated system can handle.